About Us

"There are very few situations that a wiggle can't get you out of, and for those times, there's red lipstick and a Leatherman." Miss Runaround Sue, artistic director
Sugar Shack Burlesque

Sugar Shack Burlesque was built upon a shared love of dancing, debauchery, sincerity and good times between two super fine dames: Lady Satan and Miss RunAround Sue. Since 2006 Sugar Shack Burlesque has been creating exciting, cutting edge events that still maintain the integrity of the old days of vaudeville while stretching the current boundaries of burlesque. In addition to classically framed shows, Sugar Shack Burlesque leads the way in crafting unique events specific to the venue and the audiences' interests.

In 2007, Lady Satan took off for the Pacific Sun, settling in San Francisco where she throws some of the hottest danceparties in town as the co-producer for Sugar Shack SF- an independent sister company of Sugar Shack Burlesque.. In the years to follow, the Sugar Shack would house some of New York’s sharpest performers and producers including the sophisticated beauty: Legs Malone and the decadent darling Scooter Pie.

In 2008 Sugar Shack Burlesque expanded up and down the Eastern Seaboard with regular shows in VA, DC, MA, and NY. 2010 saw the troupe cross the pond with a high-spirited unforgettable production in London at the Lockside Lounge in Camden.

Continuing on this big adventure, Sugar Shack Burlesque remains dedicated to fostering an artistic experience that allows both the performer and the audience to be free, joyful and unlimited in their expression.

We are also very please to announce that our Artistic Director Miss RunAround Sue has been accepted to two international Social Work Courses through NYU.  Sue will spend her summer in Ghana and Argentina learning and working towards global social justice.  Please consider donating to her fundraising campaign to raise money for the flights to her course.  Even just 5 bucks would make a difference.  More details can be found here: