The Lovely Ladies of Sugar Shack Burlesque

"There are very few situations that a wiggle can't get you out of, and for those times, there's red lipstick and a Leatherman." Miss Runaround Sue, producer
Photo by the Amazing Lane Benson - Bunny Lane Photography
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Sugar Shack Burlesque

Miss RunAround Sue, Founder and Artistic Director

Often called "The Moving Violation" and "The Make it Happen Girl", RunAround Sue currently produces and performs regularly in NYC, Brooklyn, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Washington DC. She has had the honor of performing at the New York Burlesque Festival, Slipper Room, Starshine Burlesque, Sweet and Nasty Burlesque, The Jalopy Music School, Ars Nova, Galapagos, Public Assembly, The Living Theatre, The Palace of Wonders, and many other enchanting venues on both coasts and on both sides of the Mason Dixon line. Miss Sue has a background in performance and first appeared on the stage in a mother's day play presented by her kindergarten class. She played the little girl. She also spent many years developing the runaround part of herself through long and varied road trips during which she would say things like, "Can we stop by Memphis today?" and "How about we head North?" Eventually, she hightailed it to the big city where her sense of southern hospitality soothes many a broken heart.

RunAround Sue has had the pleasure of introducing burlesque to Bermuda and Montauk, NY and has her sights set on other still untouched territories. In 2008, she returned to Richmond Virginia where she was instrumental in shaping the current burlesque revival there. In 2010 RunAround Sue expanded her horizons with performances in London, Malta and France. She is inspired by the freedom of burlesque and hopes to use it to make the world a better place.

Scooter Pie, Associate Producer, Shaken and Stirred 2010-2011

Sugar Shack Burlesque

Like the snack cake, Scooter Pie may leave you feeling lightheaded, slightly guilty, possibly a bit ill and/or filled with the desire to consume more Scooter Pie. Unlike the snack cake (and to prevent any confusion, and/or possible cease-and-desist notices) Scooter Pie does not contain any actual marshmallow (regrettably), nor was she named after baseball legend Phil "Scooter" Rizzuto.

Miss Legs Malone, Associate Producer 2007-2010

Sugar Shack Burlesque

Legs Malone, The Girl with the Thirty-Four and a Half Inch Inseam was born on the mean streets of New York City's Upper East Side. Spitting the silver spoon out of her mouth at an early age, Legs spent her youth with her nose buried in books and has several fancy degrees to prove it.
Legs stumbled into burlesque while living in London and hasn't looked back since. When she's not picking up clothing and avoiding Murray's roving hands, Legs is the proud co-producer of Sugar Shack Burlesque as well as a frequent performer on the best burlesque stages in New York and Brooklyn.

Lady Satan

Sugar Shack Burlesque

Representing the West Coast, they dont call her the original sin for nuthin'...Miss Lady Satan started out as a dixie fried dish named Jolene Jackson. As a little girl, she was weened on high camp and old Hollywood movies. Barely outta bobby socks, she packed up and tried her luck in Tinseltown, where she became B-movie scream queen Lady Satan. This hot blooded honey met her match when she and the devil got hitched. All hell broke loose when that sum' bitch done her this dame's out for revenge..she's shakin' ass, raisin hell, and takin souls...